How To Write a Professional Narrative Essay – Best Guide

Often people find it really difficult to express themselves. You wish to say something but end up something completely different. Or people misinterpret what you say. It is not easy to make the person in front understand what exactly it is. You need to have really good communication skills and writing skills. But this is certainly not the only requirement. There is something more that you should know. What extra is required to express you while writing a narrative essay?

Yes, you are right. It is the format that these essays follow each and every time you go on to write it. A narrative essay and a descriptive essay are two completely different things to consider. Other than this there may be many different types of essays that one can go for with a very minor difference in each. At times you yourself cannot figure out the difference in between the two. Let us figure out what the narrative essay is? How to write a narrative essay?


A narrative essay is that special type of essay which demands the author to give a detailed description of an adventure on any such experiences. It is a vivid plot in which the writer is sharing his experience with the readers. When comparing a narrative essay to a descriptive one we can differentiate stating that the descriptive essay lacks a plot and is based on a particular person’s or place image without describing any events etc.

Now. As we know the difference between the two, let us learn how to write a mesmerizing essay that will please everyone who reads it. And what are the special additions on the essay which will make it different from all the other essays. Let’s get started-

Here is the best guide which will help you write a breathtaking essay in simple steps-

  1. Preparing for the essay Before you judicially begin to write, you ought to prepare well what you wish to write about. Before you write the essay, you should have a clear-cut idea of what exactly you will be writing in the essay. For example, if you are writing about a technical topic, you should take some time to properly search on the topic and make a note of all the points that can work in your favor while you write the final one. Do a little bit of homework and get ready to start.

Selecting a topic

Choosing an appropriate topic for yourself is never easy. People always get confused and go on to choose a topic which is boring or does not catch the eye of the reader. So, choosing the right topic should be done after proper research only.Keep in mind, whatever you choose to write on, the topic should be interesting for both you as well as the one who is reading it. Normally a narrative essay does not require some specific topic as it is all about the experience, and hence the title of the essay should be eye catching. Hence keep the following in mind for the title of your essay-

  • Do not, I repeat do not copy it from the net. The title should be unique in its own way.
  • Short and sweet title is more intriguing than the long ones.
  • Something that makes the reader begin to read your essay


When asked to compose a professional essay or an academic paper to be specific, there are no strict rules that must be followed. You are simply required to stick to a particular format that is normally followed while writing such papers. Other than this, the major requirement includes you to stick to the topic without deviating from it. Further, beating around the bush has a bad impact on the reader, so you are advised to strictly stick to the topic and create a sense of mystery while unfolding the events.  The format of the essay includes-

  • TITLE- title should be eye catching.
  • Introduction- Introduce the topic briefly. Remember the introduction sets the impression on the reader and it will be this upon which the rest of your essay’s future depends. If the introduction is good, the reader would want to read further, else not.
  • Body of the essay- this comprises of the beginning of the story, the middle events and the end of the story in separate paragraphs.
  • Conclusion- conclude the incident on a very good note stating the moral and what did you learn from it.
  1. Writing process- this is the most time-consuming stage of writing a good narrative essay. It requires proper planning of what you will be going to write and how you will be writing it. The best way to make sure of what exactly to write is the best way of creating a good essay.

Jot down all the points that you feel can be included into the essay.

This process can be made easy by following the following steps

Making a structure and outline of the things

Define the plot and divide into 3 parts

the story can hence be divided into the setup, the main plot and the climax. And then comes the introduction and conclusion. The introduction should be thrilling in its words and should invite the readers to read your content. Further the main content should contain the main points and while writing the conclusion you can put up a twist that will let the readers wait for the same. But for doing so you should be clear of the points you have mentioned in the body and there by accordingly put up the end. The outline is the best way to make sure of a good essay. It also allows you to make sure of the good punch lines and phrases that you might have thought of putting up into the essay. It is a reminder for everything you would want to mention and allows you to stick to it.

While writing the information make sure to write in first person. A narrative is basically you describing your own personal experience hence you should be speaking i first person. Make sure to highlight the ongoing events. Hence it is often most common way to use I statement by switching perspective in our favour.

Describing characters 

Even though the essay is not of descriptive type, try making your story by introducing characters and objects giving good description of each. Describing the places will set up a background and the reader will be able to relate. Such descriptions allow the reader to imagine themselves in such situations.

Add a little spice to your description

The idea of all of this is to create a sense of mystery and hook the reader into reading the essay fully. In the midst of everything going smooth, add something that will thrill the reader. Every statement should invite the reader to read more, to indulge in what is going to happen next. Add humor which will make it even more exciting. Such elements are the key to a good narrative.

3.Edit it properly

After the first draft in done, make sure to have look on the draft and revise it according to the way that has to be written. Often you will find a few mistakes which will need revision or for that matter reframing of the statements. Make sure to correct all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes if any.

Make sure all the points are present before you submit it.

Collecting Ideas for your essay-Writing an essay is not only about unraveling the facts, but also about joining the fact dots so as to create one coherent view of the world like we see it. You feel happiest when you are exploring some subject that is close to your liking. Hence, it is sensible to select a subject which gives you lot of satisfaction and also gives you complete rein to explore your analytical skills. You only need to see around you and watch all the phenomena which have not yet been understood clearly within your area of interest and begin writing your essay.

You must never hesitate from taking up any challenging subject, in case you seem to find it very exciting. Prior to deciding about some subject, you must consider few points which may aid in making your choice a good one. The most important point is the time frame needed for research. You must be realistic while selecting a topic since the time available to you is limited. Choose a subject within your field of expertise, since if you do that, you will not need to spend lot of your time in just catching up with the basics.

How to Get Started?

If you have been already allotted a subject, you will not have to face any issues. However, if you need to research for a particular topic, then you must maintain a listing of all topics handy, then go through the listing and choose one or a few of them for you to pursue research. You must opt to write your essay as per the specifications mentioned. Mainly, an essay of any category usually consists of the following sections namely Introduction, Body, and the Conclusion. Every section of the essay caters to a specific functionality.

The main role of introduction happens to be to introduce the primary idea of your essay to any reader. Hence, it gives the reader a first impression of what to expect in your essay. You must ensure that your theme, basic concept, the background info about the topic, as well as the central concept of your essay is written down well. However, you must be brief and limit your words count to a specific number. The body section consists of all the details of your research. Ensure that you provide proper references and keep the bibliography updated if required.

The conclusion section must summarize all that you have mentioned in the body of your essay along with the conclusion you have arrived from the research.

Complexity of an essay topic

Assigning an essay topic and writing an essay both are in fact a very intimidating task for the writer. This involves generating and shaping a concept in a form of a good essay; proofreading it and editing it; and also awarding a grade to that essay. And the hardest part in this is of selecting an essay topic that is interesting and apposite. There is no hard and fast rule that the essay topic must just happen to you in a jiffy. It is all about ideas that interests and intrigues you. And your ability to explore them to come with a topic with the aid of certain creative tools or process such as ‘free writing’ and ‘brainstorming’.

Topics derived from comparing and contrasting between ideas and from analogies

Various concepts, thoughts and ideas are sure to bring in some comparisons. Such comparisons or contrasting nature can spring up topics. Examples of topics; ‘Two places you visited’; ‘two professional athletes you like’; ‘A good boss and a bad boss’; etc.

Topic from analogy: Analogy is generally a comparison that defies the unknown from what is known. Its purpose is to clarify a complicated aspect that is hard to otherwise explain.  Examples of topics that can be derived from analogies;  Losing a close friend; Making a speech; Dealing with failure; etc.

Arguments that spring up essay topics: Such essays are termed as argumentative essays where there is scope for either arguing or attacking against or defending a statement. Examples for such topics: ‘People have are highly dependent on technology’; Privacy is not the only most important right’; dieting is always good for health’, etc. So, what are you still waiting for?

A few tips that can help you in doing so are-Selecting topics for your essay can be extremely confusing as well as challenging since there are lots of subjects which you may choose from. All you need to do is just pick a subject which truly interests you. After you finalize a topic or subject that satisfies your curiosity, your search for writing research paper is almost over. The other aspect is to narrow down the subject, and finalize a concrete topic to start a research. You can choose topics from the field of physics, chemistry, genetics, computer science, mathematics, architecture, philosophy, sociology, history, economics, literature, etc. 

It is a thrilling journey while you push beyond the limits of knowledge via your research to make new discovery during the process.

  • Don’t look for mistakes right away. Take a few hours for the same so that you can see clearly.
  • Keep the sentences short and sweet. Don’t make complex statements as it may lead to loss of meaning
  • Find the repeated statements and ideas and replace it with unique ones. No redundancy present.
  • Reconsider the paraphrase which make less sense and reconsider the structure of essay.
  • You will now have a good knowledge of everything that is present at your disposal. Hence, the next most important step is to finalize your topic. It is now extremely essential to organize all your resources correctly. You may therefore condense your essay to one specific subject. You can bring together all the relevant information together in an interesting way. Next, you must search for introductions and abstracts. Try to locate 3 to 4 journal articles, books, or conference paper and read their introductions or abstracts. Just ensure that the introduction you provide gels with your essay topic very well.


A good intro can help to make your presentation very decent and also save your time by avoiding all unwanted information. The next stage involves presenting the actual content of the essay. Collect enough sources since majority of instructors prefer to have 4 or 8 sources for each research paper. Do not use casual and unofficial language. You must be careful to ensure that your essay writing keeps up to the style expected. Do not use slang or abbreviations as well as any informal quotations. You must convey your expressions in professional way and communicate your expressions and thoughts in an appropriate manner.

After everything is done make sure the spacing is proper and equal spaced sentences. The essay should be in proper language. You should be very sure of what you are writing and the sentences should give the exact meaning. For better instances you can show it to some trusted person to have a look so that you can get a idea of what exactly the reader feels about you.

It is very necessary to do so. It would be better if you can make 5 or 6 people read it and get better idea of what they think so that you change what is not appropriate. With reviews you can also make it better in a way which you cannot analyse by yourself.  Analysis is also an important part of the narrative essay writing process.

Narratives are easy to write it all depends upon the mood and the instances that you can bring together and how easily you can do so. If you are in a mood to write when all your feelings are overflowing and you wish to pen it down. Go for it. It wont take you long for doing so when you are in such a mood. This is the best time to write.