COMPANY: WHITE CLAW HARD SELZER INSTRUCTION: 6-7 PAGES (ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-10) 15 POWERPOINT SLICES Week 8: Final Project Group Presentation (In-Class Only) COMPANY NAME (WHITE CLAW HARD SELZER) Your professor will assign groups of two students for this final project. Work with your assigned group to create a written paper and a PowerPoint presentation, using proper […]

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Discuss the applications of privileged communication in your state and at the federal level. What is the difference between privileged communication and confidentiality? Define both. Why is HIPAA compliance important? If you reside or will be practicing in California, refer to California state law. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Discuss the applications of privileged communication in your state and at the federal level. Why is HIPAA […]

Week 10

1.can you tell the difference between a statement of fact and a statement of opinion? In this exercise you will practice distinguishing between the two.respond to the following questions:Overall, how did membership in political groups affect the percentage who were able to respond correctly? How did trust in national news organizations affect the percentage who […]


SESSION 1Michael Delarosa, Department ManagerWhat suggestions do you have for improvement in regards to training new supervisors?Make sure there are opportunities for hands on problem solving. Too much of our training is theoryand supervisors need to be focused on the real-world problems that come up.What challenges do supervisors in our plants encounter that training would […]


12/11/22, 4:53 PM MBA 699 Module Six Report Guidelines and Rubric – MBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2 1/4MBA 699 Module Six Report Guidelines and RubricMBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2 TM 12/11/22, 4:53 PM MBA 699 Module Six Report Guidelines and Rubric – MBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2 2/4OverviewIn your role as a business development manager […]


Module 06 Assignment – Designing a Care Map Purpose of AssignmentAssist students to develop a care plan that includes safe discharge information for a client with musculoskeletal trauma.Course Competency· Explain components of multidimensional nursing care for clients with musculoskeletal disorders.InstructionsMr. Harry Roost is a 78-year old male being discharge after a fracture of his right […]


 Throughout Composition II, you have utilized research skills, problem-solving skills, and analytic skills. The Reflective Analysis provides the student the opportunity to assess their progress and accomplishments in ENGL 1213 and consider future options for success in academic courses, career fields, and real-world applications. For this reflection, you will write a letter of application for […]

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 Complete a SOAP Note as if you were the psychotherapist in the video from this week’s resources. To view the video again .Then write a one-page summary highlighting the warning signs of suicidality in Pediatrics and adolescent patients and why you chose the treatment plan you choose in your SOAP Note.  


Bagi Anda yang ingin bermain game pragmatis online tidak akan bosan karena Anda tidak hanya memainkan satu game tetapi juga memainkan banyak jenis permainan pragmatis. Namun sebelum memainkan permainan pragmatis ini di web ada kalanya anda perlu menentukan trik apa yang tepat untuk memenangkan permainan online ini karena dengan mengetahui cara bermain anda pasti akan […]


Running head: ARTICLE REVIEW #214ARTICLE REVIEW #2Article Review #2Alice CaruthersDepartment of Psychology, Florida Institute of TechnologyPSY 2446 – Sport Psychology [2022 Fall 2]Dr. Todd Caze IINovember 27, 2022 Article Review #2 Introduction The article Motivational Processes Influencing Mental Health Among Winter Sports Athletes in China by Xinran Wu and Zainal Abidin (2021) explains the Hierarchical […]


PSY-Social Change Scenario Apply aspects of your learning experience in psychology to develop a professional mindset. As you contemplate the best practices for thriving in a professional environment, your attitude and disposition will play a major role in how effectively you communicate with, collaborate with, and lead others. Soft skills are dispositional attributes that enable […]


MEMO: Concerns about the Marketing and Sales Proposal To: Marketing and Sales Departments From: Legal Department Subject: Legal and Ethical Concerns Regarding Proposal to Increase Rewards Memberships in Low Income Markets Executive Summary We appreciate the Sales and Marketing team’s desire to expand the rewards membership programs into low income markets and their consideration of […]


1. (100 points) Drawing upon any single theory, concept, or idea in Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, or Chapter 10, explain what is going on in the United States today.  Draw upon only one theory, concept, or idea. Your response must be less than 200 words.  Provide analysis, not opinion. If you […]


Chapter 6 La farmaciaEjercicio: Escriba (write) oraciones completas con la forma correcta del verbo «tomar».


Name: The exam consists of five multiple choice questions and two essay questions. Be sure to answer all of the questions.1. Which of the following factors is not a key element in “3-D” negotiation?A. Negotiation tacticsB. Deal designC. Design thinking D. Deal setupCorrect Answer: _____2. What are the key differences between two-party and multiparty negotiations?A. […]

Week 4 Project

 Week 4 Projectcomplete the following assessments (as they pertain to your aggregate) by interviewing 2-3 members of your aggregate:Environment () Home (from lecture in class)Family ()Risk assessment (from lecture in class describe risks for your aggregate based on local statistics and services available)Describe the results of the assessments, including examples and support from journal articles, following […]


Data EthicsAssessment Description”Human beings are made in the image of God” (Gen 1:27), so they should be treated as unique and special creations, and any organization should exercise compassion, dignity, fairness, and respect for all. This assignment asks students to consider the ethics behind data and its collection. It asks the fundamental question of whether […]

Discussion Board pt 3

Describe the steps of a talent review session.What is the difference between performance and potential?How can you tell if a candidate has potential?Book: Chapter 11: 12:


Module 11 Discussion – Reflection Discussion Topic Top of Form Activity Time: 3 hours Directions: Initial Post Areas for reflection: · Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency· Describe how you achieved the transferable skill,  , including at least one example of […]

Leadership in Health Care

TOPIC: LEADING CHANGE IN PATIENT SAFETY ISSUE In your final paper on your approved topic (LEADING CHANGE IN PATIENT SAFETY ISSUE ) for leadership in health care, be sure to:Present your topic, a summary of the larger scholarly discussion, and your thesis statement.Present the evidence to support your thesis, referencing 6 peer-reviewed sources in an organized […]

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