FINANCE PROJECT: DUE BEFORE END OF SEMESTERUse the suggested points below to write an essay of at least five pages. The purpose of this essay, is to remind you that this course (Finance) seeks to help you find a good job at the end of your studies. In addition, this essay should help you learn the proper way to dress, and conduct yourself during the interview process. The points to include in your essay are;1. Refer to at least five jobs that may require some knowledge of Finance.2. Discuss what you would say in your application for such jobs.3. How would you prepare for an interview for such a job, if you are invited?4. How would you dress for the job interview, and why?5. What would you do when you get to the interview venue (place of interview)? That is, how are you going to introduce yourself to the interviewers when you enter the interview room?6. After the interview, what do you say to the interviewers, before you leave the room?7. How do you check with the company to find out how you did on the interview?8. Paper Length is 3-4 pages long. Must be written using APA or MLA formatting9. Use 12’ pitch, double spacing, references (on separate page)10. Due at the end of week 13. Note that we are in week 10 now. I will show you where to post or submit your paper later. For now just write the paper and make it ready for submitting.The above are suggestions I want you to include in your essay. They do not have to come in any particular order. You can write more than five pages.

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