art history

1.) Choose one piece of art from chapter 13 and discuss at least three characteristics that place it in the period (high renaissance, reformation, counter reformation, mannerism) and place in which it was created.  Give at least two examples of how was it different from the previous period?  2.) During a period when political and religious factions attacked each other with lethal fanaticism, works of art often played an important role in capturing the imagination and swaying the emotions of viewers.  Choose one piece of art from chapter 14 that you think does this.  Be sure to use at least three specific characteristics to support your argument.3.) Choose a native North American work that was made to be used in social life or ritual. Explain the difference between its form and meaning while in use and while observed in the context of a museum installation.4.) Choose a work in chapter 16/power point that was made for a political leader and discuss how its form and meaning relate to the political aspirations of its patron.5.) Compare one Neoclassic piece of art/architecture and one Romantic piece of art/architecture.  Discuss the two pieces as cultural expressions of mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth century Europe.  Focus on at least two characteristics of each piece.6.) Discuss the ways in which the movement toward Realism in art reflected the social and political concerns of the nineteenth century.7.) What were the new developments in Modern art and architecture in Europe between World Wars I and II?

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