Answer the following questions and submit to Chapters 17 Questions.1. Explain how the directing business management function is different from the other three management functions.2. Define the term “leadership” in your own words. Give an example from your own experience in which you observed good leadership. Provide an example where you observed bad leadership. Describe what you learned from both situations.3. Describe Maslow’s pyramid of human needs. Explain how work can meet these needs.4. Describe the steps in developing a work environment in which people seek to excel.5. Describe your management style. Explain why it works for you.6. Describe a situation where the autocratic management style would be best. Describe a situation where the participatory management style would work best. Explain why the example you chose was the proper one for that style.7. What does management by objective mean? How does it help firms success?8. Why do some manager prefer the autocratic management approach?9. What could be more important to an employee’s job satisfaction level than his or her pay? Why?10. In business, why is the starting point for success always getting the firm’s values right?

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