Perhaps in reaction to the over-bearing helicopter parents of the 1990s and beyond, some parents are now more open to ‘free-range parenting.’  In 2018 Utah became the first state to institute a law which stipulates that parents cannot be charged with neglect for allowing a child whose basic needs are met, and who is of sufficient age and maturity to avoid harm or unreasonable risk of harm to engage in independent activities’ (e.g. allowing children to walk, run, or bike to and from school, or to recreational facilities, play outside, and remain at home unattended.  Please respond to the information and video clip above.  In your opinion, what is ‘of sufficient age and maturity?’ What is your general opinion of the ‘free-range parenting’ philosophy (pros and cons).  What are potential negative outcomes of helicopter parenting?Post your thoughts and feelings for discussion on substance abuse prevention, why or why not it does, or does not work?1. Create a playlist of at least three pieces of music that you could use to elevate your mood if you were in a less-than-positive mood. Describe your rationale for including each piece.and2. Body shaming is rampant on social media. Identify two instances of body shaming on social media, describe them, including how they arose, how they built, and what, if anything, was done to push back. Use your analysis to develop a strategy for combatting online body shaming.Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding

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