Management Information Systems

“Management Information Systems” 250 U1-Q11 Describe the differences between sequential access files and direct access files.   U1-Q12 Describe the differences between application software and support software. Provide an example of each.   Unit VIII: The Information Management System Part III U8-Q12 Describe the U.S. position on privacy compared to the European position   U8-Q11 Describe the PATRIOT Act and discuss implications regarding individual rights.   U7-Q12 What is the purpose and role of an IS steering committee, or advisory board?   U7-Q11 What are some of the reasons that organizations adopt a chargeback process for IS services?   U6-Q12 Compare and contrast a strategic IS plan versus an operational IS plan.  U6-Q11 Describe several common support services that most companies provide end users.  U5-Q12 What major topics are usually included in a request for proposal (RFP)?   U5-Q11 An effective project manager needs a variety of both technical and business skill sets. Identify the nontechnical skills that have been associated with superior project management.  U4-Q12 Describe “user acceptance testing   U4-Q11 Describe the difference between a formal and an informal system.   U3-Q12 What are digital signatures and how do they work?   U3-Q11 Discuss privacy issues in relation to the Internet.   U2-Q12 What are some of the important questions that managers need to consider when evaluating the value of data to an organization?   Unit II: Information Technology-Telecommunications and Networking U2-Q11 What is Bluetooth? What are the new telecommunications possibilities that Bluetooth can provide?

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