Reflection Paper

Assignment: Reflection Paper Reflection Paper 1 After you have taken the Myers Briggs Inventory, read the articles provided in this week’s session which address the relevance and implications of cognitive styles.  Write  2-3 pages reflecting on the MBTI profile and cognitive styles.  The purpose is to reflect on your own profile in relation to working in teams.  You must draw on at least 2 articles provided in class and in the Moodle Topic 1 Section. (4 articles). Include these articles in your citations and references. Use the APA style for formatting your citations and bibliography of references. The rubric for this reflection paper is as follows:  3 points for effectively discussing your MBTI type, and the implications for this when you work in teams.  You may also have insights as to why you may “clash” with other people who are other types, or why some things at work are more stressful for you than others.  The remaining 2 points are earned for effectively bringing in information from at least 2 of the 5 articles supplied, and integrating that information into your reflections. Here are some questions that might help you to organize your thoughts for this paper: 1.           Did the Myers Briggs Style that was generated after you answered the questions in the inventory feel like a “fit” for you? ?2.           What in particular felt like it described your style well? ?3.           What did not feel like a “fit” for you? ?4.           What do you feel your MBTI profile means in terms of your participating at your best in your team? ?5.           How will you use the information from this MBTI instrument and your reflections in your reflection paper to help your team function at its best? ?6.           How can you use the information from this MBTI instrument to enhance your working relationships at your job? ?Attached is an article to aid you in your critical analysis and integration of the scientific articles.  This resource is also at the top of your Moodle page.

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