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Question Two- KhanPatient is a 42 year old AA male with history of mood disorder and self-history of schizoaffective disorder who was brought in by EMS self-activated for thoughts of suicidal/homicidal with no plan. Patient states he is stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed because of housing problems, stating that he does not like the shelter system. During interview patient is suspicious that people are out to get him. Admits to use crystal meth, alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. Drinks alcohol daily and smokes 15 cigarettes daily. He states he has been noncompliant for two years with his medication regimen of Seroquel, Depakote, and Risperidone, with NKDA. Lab work including CBC, CMP, and UA were completed, with no critical values noted. He will be started on Zyprexa 10mg PO and the benefits, interactions and side effects were discussed and patient verbalizes understanding. Continue to monitor patient on Q15 for aggressive/impulsive behavior. Encourage patient to verbalize needs and concerns to staff.Clinical One

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