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A bibliography is not required and there is no requirement to set out answers in a letter format. Please use appropriate legal referencing [but note that full citations are not necessary: you can use an abbreviated statute name eg FW Act, s311 (when referring to the sections of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth))].Before commencing preparation for this task, it is strongly advisable for students to read the UTS Law Faculty’s Guide to Written Communicationhttp://www.uts.edu.au/sites/default/files/law-form-guide-written-communication.pdf . This guide has a section on writing a legal problem question (which is the same aswriting a legal advice).Turnitin: Essays must be submitted online through the turnitin application on UTSCanvas by the due date. All essays will be subject to an originality check through turnitin and the results may be used in the assessment of the essay. Please use the “UTS: Law Assignment Cover Sheet For Online Submission” No extension after assessment handed back: Please note that extensions will only be granted on the basis of illness, misadventure or disability.  Extensions will not be granted for a date after the assessment task is handed back to students. Avoiding Academic Misconduct: It is the responsibility of each student to not commit academic misconduct (including attempts by students to procure ghost written material, cheat, plagiarise or otherwise act dishonestly in undertaking an assessment task or assisting other students to do so) in the completion and submission of assessment assignments. Students must submit original work (student’s own work and not previously submitted for assessment) for each assessment task. Please see the employment and industrial law 79034 subject outline for more information on academic misconduct by students. Assessment grading criteria • Correct identification of important legal issues.  • Correct application of relevant cases and statutory materials • Succinctness, precision, clarity and persuasiveness of writing and arguments  • Correct advice on the appropriate action to takeUniversity of Technology Sydney

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