Identify chronic illness and its relationship to rehabilitation.

nursing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1) For this topic, I have chosen to use my Sister for this assignment. This health promotion topic is going to be on injury prevention for children using primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. I chose to discuss injury prevention because she does have children so I do believe patient education on this topic will be beneficial for her. I will discuss the benefits of using proper car seats, seat belts, life jackets and helmets. This will enhance my skill in patient education as well as the concept of development. To ensure I achieve my patient education I will have my sister repeat and acknowledge what I teach her about injury prevention.Summarize what you chose as a health promotion topic, why you chose it, and who you presented it to. Were you able to successfully promote health with your presentation? How would you evaluate if your presentation was successful? What nursing concepts were related to your presentation and how were they related?At least 500 words, include references to support your topic and use APA formatting.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////2) TOPIC:For this DFC I will be implementing this assignment on myaunt who recently delivered her first baby, my co worker who had a baby fourmonths ago and lastly my friend who has a two-year-old daughter. I intend toask questions related to their experience with the delivery if any issuesoccurred prior or while at the hospital. If they frequently attended theirdoctors visits and followed his recommendations etc.Based on the 3 interviews you performed, pick out 3 exemplars of reproduction that were found and summarize the patients’ experiences with those 3 exemplars. What nursing concepts were present in these individuals, explain? At least 500 words, include references to support your topic and use APA formatting. (You can make up what each one had like one Fetal distress, second preeclampsia and third gestational diabetes.

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