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PLEASE SEE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT AND WRITE EACH SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONSPLEASE SEPARATE THE ANSWERS FOR EACH QUESTIONEX) 1) —– 2) ——- 3)—— 4)——- 5)——-1) If the sun and stars are supported by gas pressure, what supports a neutron star?2) If neutron stars contain no nuclear fuel, why are they hot?3) Why does our theory predict that neutron stars will spin rapidly?4) What observational evidence do we have that black holes exist?5) How are neutron stars and white dwarfs similar?6) Why are Cepheid variable stars important in our study of the Milky Way galaxy?7) Why does the rotation of our galaxy suggest that it is more massive than previously thought?8) Why does the average chemical composition of stars now forming differ from that of older stars?9) How do theories of the origin of the Milky Way explain its halo?10) What evidence do we have that the center of our galaxy is a powerful source of energy?11) Explain why good distance indicators must be luminous objects. Why must they be unambiguously recognizable?12) How does the use of H II regions to find a galaxy’s distance differ from the use of Cepheid variables?13) What assumptions do we make when we use the Hubble constant to estimate the distance to a galaxy?14) Why can’t evolution go from elliptical to spiral to irregular?15) What evidence do we have that large galaxies cannibalize small galaxies?REQUIRED BOOK FOR THE COURSE:Horizons: Exploring the UniverseBy: Michael A. SeedsEdition: 14th (12th and 13th editions also will work)

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