In an essay format (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) provide your answe

sociology question and need guidance to help me learn.PART A 150 wordsIn this lecture, we learned about the components in a typical disaster plan including: Training and Evacuation Methods. Determining when and how evacuations should take place is a major part of planning to respond to any disaster. The importance of evacuations became apparent during the response to Hurricane Katrina when the decision to shelter-in-place was made by many hospitals including Memorial Hospital. This original decision and then the later adjustment made to evacuate resulted in the development of ethical dilemmas for health personnel.Read the article below detailing Memorial Hospital in Louisiana and how the decisions made by the hospital and its’ providers would impact the lives of many patients and themselves in the future.The Case of Dr. Anna Pou: Physician Liability in Emergency SituationsAddress the following prompts and use at least 2 scholarly resources to support your positions:Critique the decision of Memorial Hospital and the affiliated health personnel regarding the decisions to evacuate. Justify whether you agree or disagree.Propose at least one solution that could have prevented the hospital and its’ personnel from being in this situation. In order to engage in an active discussion environment, submit your initial discussion post by Wednesday. For detailed grading criteria, refer to the rubicPART BEmergency Management Plan Template Week 6 Part 2(To be used for Emergency Management Plan (Week 6 Part 2)—include each of the sections provided below. Be sure to incorporate 2-3 of your scholarly resources throughout this section of the plan)

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