My name is Ana, Here I am attaching my work done for my thesis until now. for th

Observable Phenomena EssayAssignment Description & RubricCOURSE OBJECTIVE: Identify and describe the Observable Phenomena in SLA and connect them to your own experiences as a language learner or teacher.Researchers postulate that there are phenomena that can be observed as humans try to acquire a second language. What has been your own experience with these phenomena, either as a language learner or a language teacher? You will write a 3-5 page essay connecting the observable phenomena to your own experiences through personal narratives. You will also comment as to whether the various phenomena had been obvious to you or if your attention had been brought to them for the first time through this class and our readings.Be sure to:? Focus on at least five (5) of the observable phenomena (Van Patten et al. 2020. Chapter 1)VanPatten, B, & J. Williams, Eds. (2015). Theories in second language acquisition: Anintroduction, 2nd Ed. New York: Taylor and Francis.? Use a narrative style? Consider these questions:What does the observable phenomena “look like”? How do you interpret what they mean in practice?What has been your experience (or lack thereof) with the observable phenomena, either as a language learner or teacher?Was each phenomenon apparent to you before we discussed them in class? Why do you think they were (or were not)?Can you now observe these phenomena yourself based on your own experiences?Be sure to follow the Style Guide in the Course Syllabus. Some information is repeated below:? Include your name, date, and course information in the upper-right header of the first page? Insert page numbers in the lower right footer? Use a 12-point, easy-to-read font and 1-inch margins in the document? Use APA formatting for all citations or references? Use an academic register and proofread your paper carefullyA few things about myself, I was born in Port au Prince Haiti, and Haitian Creole is my first language. I can speak French, and a little bit of Spanish and I am learning Portuguese, and I am also learning Twi because I plan on going to Ghana soon. For the past two years, I have been working as in middle school ESL/ELL teacher. My students have been teaching me Portuguese and also with the help of DuolingoCurrently, I am in middle school ESL/ELL teacher, and most of my students are from Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries. I try my best to learn a few phrases in my student’s main language to be able to communicate with them. A few of my students do speak Arabic, Haitian Creole, and Cape Verdean Creole. A few ways that have been effective in helping me learn a second language are being consistent with practicing speaking the language and also hearing it I also like writing the translations in my native language to help me remember.

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