Part1: Answer the questions below. The Circle, reflect on whether the central ch

part 1 140 wordsThere are many online websites which post jobs for candidates to review and submit their applications. In this discussion, you will be considering this approach to recruiting. Consider the following questions in your initial post: What websites have you used in the past? If you have never used an on-line website to find a job, take the time and look at a few. Are these websites effective ways to job seek? What are the pros and cons to online recruiting?part 2 135 wordAs the Human Resources Department Head, you are putting together a listing of names to submit to the County Board President for her approval. There are 10 names on the list and 5 additional names as backups if during the final vetting process someone does not make the cut. You are sure that your top ten names will be chosen because they handled themselves the best in the interview phase and passed all of your tests. When you get the list back from the Board President so you can call the individuals and offer them the positions, you find that three of your top ten names were swapped out for individuals on the back up list and there are now two additional names that were not on either of your lists and you are unaware of their capabilities to perform the job but have the same last names as local politicians.How do you handle this situation? Do you simply accept the names that you were given, or do you fight to hire the best candidates for the job? What are the steps that you will take for these individuals who were not on your first or second choice lists but are on the list to be hired?

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