In his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell sugg

writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Artificial Intelligence and EthicsI would like help with a Group discussion question.It seems that just as quickly asArtificial Intelligence systems show promise in transforming how wework, live, drive, and even get treated by law enforcement, scholars andothers question the ethics that surround these autonomousdecision-making systems. The ethics of AI focuses on whether or notdecisions are being made that discriminate against people on the basisof race, religion, sex, or other criteria.AI’s profound bias problems havebecome public in recent years, thanks to researchers like Joy Buolamwiniand Timnit Gebru, authors of a 2018 studythat showed that face-recognition algorithms nearly always identifiedwhite males but recognized black women only two-thirds of the time.Consequences of that flaw can be serious if the algorithms cause lawenforcement to discriminate when identifying suspects, or doctors usethe algorithms to decide who to treat.The challenge for developers is toremove bias from AI, which is complicated because the system dependsupon the data that goes into the system. Training data must be vast,diverse, and reflective of the population so that the AI system has astrong sample.Use this forum to discuss two examplesof situations where bias can skew the data causing an AI system todiscriminate against certain groups of people. How can fairness bebuilt into the AI systems? Are the advantages that AI bring to a systemworth the bias, if uncorrected?

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