Identify and discuss dominant values in the community that uphold the prevalence of the factors/roots causing social problem

nursing case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.Week Eight Case Study: SonjaSonja FernSonja is 46 years old, is 6 ft 1 in. tall, and weighs 218 pounds. She has intentionally lost 25 pounds in the last month after donating one of her kidneys. She was extremely moved by the significance of being healthy enough to help a friend through organ donation and recognizes that she must proactively protect her remaining kidney to preserve her own health. She had borderline hypertension before the surgery, is a previous heavy smoker, but has no other medical history. She has adopted a lacto-ovo vegetarian eating pattern and occasionally eats fish.Think of Sonja.1. What is her body mass index (BMI)? (Provide actual calculation)2. What risk factors for CKD did she have or currently has? (Provide 3 risk factors with rationales)3. What interventions would you suggest to helpher maintain kidney health? (Provide 3 interventions with rationales)4. Is a lacto-ovo eating pattern adequate and appropriate? Why or why not? (Providerationale)Recall Sonja.An increase in her stress level has caused her to give up on her lacto-ovo vegetarian eating pattern. Her blood pressure is increasing, and her weight loss has stalled. To make matters worse, she recently went to an ambulatory care center with excruciating back pain and was diagnosed with kidney stones, which she passed hours after receiving IV fluids. She is worried she will have more kidney stones that may eventually damage her only kidney.5. What would you tell her about reducing her risk of stone recurrence?6. What should her nutritional priorities be to maintain kidney health? (Provide 3 prioritieswith rationales)7. What other lifestyle interventions would you recommend? (Provide three interventions with rationales)Think critically about the content of the case study and provide a 3-4-sentence answer for each question.1-2-word answers will not be accepted.

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