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My capstone project has been based off cultivating holistic nursing bedside to help build nurse-patient relationships bedside using Jean Watson theory 10 Caritas process. Project all has to be evidence based practice. I also have to put together a pre and post survey with 5 questions for nurses to answer in regards to how the feel about bedside nursing and the post survey to be how they felt after incorporating the 10 caritas process. Implementing the holistic theory in morning huddles and passing out the 10 caritas process to nurses. I need to put together a poster presentation and lost on how to put it together so seeing how you as the writer would create the poster/presentation. It says a poster so i added the power point slide but if there is something different please feel free to let me know. I have attached some of my articles I have read and instructions on the rubric for the the presentation. I would love any input. Thank you!!

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