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Of four topics, write at least 500 words on each theme. Answer each one in a short essay. You should mention names, dates and places. Discuss issues and state your opinion.I-SPAIN AND THE U.S.A. Explain the specific contributions of the Spanish explorers, conquerors and colonists in areas of the territory now known as the United States, specifically from Florida to California. Mention important people and facts. List aspects such as: the introduction of knowledge (including agricultural crops and animals), man-made structures (buildings, roads, military forts), founding populations, management and governance of the territories. Also include facts and people associated with the relationship between Spain and the United States during the independence period.II-HISPANOPHOBIA AND HISPANOPHILIA. Read David Weber’s article and explain his fundamental ideas. In particular, summarize the concepts of what the author calls Hispanophobia, Hispanophilia, and the nostalgia for the Spanish past that carries with it a type of reinvention of that past. The article is well written and contains abundant information. You will find the information from this article useful when answering other questions on this exam.III-SEVERAL CENTURIES OF TENSIONS AND THE SEARCH FOR COEXISTENCE. From the first Spanish presence in the American territories (U.S.A.) there have been tensions, confrontations, and wars among diverse groups for the dominion of those territories and for cultural supremacy. Indigenous peoples, the Spanish, Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Anglo Saxons instigated confrontations and caused crises of various kinds. Explain the several centuries of troubled history in which cultural, racial, religious, economic, prejudices and stereotypes were brought about, and how the borders were established.IV-THE HISPANIC LEGACY IN TODAY’S U.S.A. The Spanish, Mexican, Mexican American, and Hispanic cultures of diverse origins can be documented today in the U.S. From the materials analyzed in this course and from your own experience, explain how the richness and variety of the culture of Hispanic heritage is shown. Mention aspects related to the material and intellectual richness of this heritage, including: the Spanish language, festivals, customs and celebrations, legendary and inspirational figures, famous places, archives, documents and collections.

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