In this module, we have been discussing a variety of channels of communication s

writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Since you are an ELL teacher, your school principal has tasked you with designing a evaluation program for ELL’s in your school. As you prepare a plan for evaluating ELL’S throughout the year, you should consider measures that increase reliability and validity and you should consider what accomodations will be made for ELL’s as well as what types of alternative assessments may be offered. Also include how you will measure progress as well achievementExplain how you will go about correcting student speech errors with your ELL students. Take under consideration that some students will be going through the much-discussed “silent period”and that you will want to keep the students’ affective filter low. Also discuss how you will use positive feedback and how you will determine which errors need to be corrected and which can be overlooked.

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