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Please help to finish DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION – attached my incomplete report work file.– You can see the separate files for journals, notes– refer to SPSS result finding, no need defination.= Need to verify findings and link with my literure review, research objective in my report.1. DiscussionYou must develop a strong literature review so that you can discuss the things1) Summarise the findings you can use a Table2) Follow the research objectives to discuss the findings, including researchhypotheses or assumptions3) Compare the findings with the literature review and show:Ability to use both secondary and primary data findings in conjunction in the analysis.Being able to reason the similarities and differences between secondary andprimary data.Skills demonstrated in interpreting the results?Depth and synthesisof the results as opposed to mere reporting.2. Conclusiona)Do you achieve the research objectives that answer the research question?Explain it.b)RecommendationsHow do the findings contribute to:1.Academic aspect2.Managerial aspectc)Key Research limitations, such as sampling bias, respondent/research biases, anylimitations inherent in the nature of the selected research methodd)Future research What other people can extend your research in future?

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