n this essay please discuss and reflect on what you learned about in the course

Once you have properly registered for your instructor’s section, you willcomplete Round 1 of the CAPSIM simulation in the Competition Industry. InRound 1, and each successive round you will make decisions in each area ofR&D, Marketing, Production, and Finance. Human Resources are added inRound 2 and TQM is added in Round 4. You will also begin monitoring yourfirm’s financial performance for this Competition Industry.For this week, as you begin to examine your company’s internal environment(employees, finances, etc.) and the competition in order to make your decisionyou will also learn how to examine the environment and create strategic plansthrough the course readings and in your written assignment.Note: This round will introduce the Total Quality Management module withinthe simulation, so that is something to consider when you are making yourdecisions.If you need technical assistance for CAPSIM, please call the student supportnumber (877-477-8787) or email support at support@capsim.com.Examine your results from the Courier and the Balanced Scorecard. Compareresults with the competition and the customer’s need (Customer Buying CriterCourier, pp. 5-9)Complete the Financial Statements & Measures Template.Select a financial measure (one not previously selected). Write oneparagraph defining the financial measure, identify the formula to determithe measure (e.g., ROS=Profit/Sales) and its meaning/value to the firm (ciyour source). Write a second paragraph comparing the performancemeasure to the industry average and the company’s previous performanc(trend?).• Select a customer buying criterion. Write one paragraph assessing thecompany’s position relative to that criterion. What decisions will changeaddress any difference?

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