Identify three strategies to improve communication with people from this country.

philosophy writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Expected to come to class having read course material and written an approximately 700-1000 word (3-4 (double-spaced) pages) reflection about the material. These reactions should reflect course discussion, be properly cited in APA format referencing the weekly readings, and show an attempt to grapple with the course material through their analysis. These reaction essays are essentially ways for us to talk to each other one on one about your intellectual development. I want to know what you think is important, confusing, wrong, or noteworthy in the readings and why (hence the citations), because it helps me understand the materials I’m using, the lectures I’m using, and where you’re at. I am looking for you to really dive into the readings, integrate the texts into your own thoughts, and provide your own analysis. There’s no rubric, no “wrong” analysis per se, but we’ll have a conversation about it via your feedback.For this reaction essay I would like for you to focus on the following, although you are certainly not limited to these topics. Also, you are not required to answer all of these questions, this is meant to provide some guidance and highlight some of the main take aways from this module for you to ponder as you write this reaction essay:What systems of power/knowledge produce leaders? How does this shape how we think about behavioral/trait/psychological/or other scientific leadership theories? What is the episteme of leadership? What is the apparatus of power/knowledge production that only makes certain people leaders? How is leadership reified?Wilson, S. (2016). Thinking differently about leadership: A critical history of leadership studies. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. Chapter 7Townley Reading. Townley, B. (1993). Foucault, power/knowledge, and its relevance for human resource management. Academy of Management Review, 18, 518-545.Ospina & Foldy Reading. Ospina, S., & Foldy, E. (2009). A critical review of race and ethnicity in the leadership literature: Surfacing context, power and the collective dimensions of leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 20, 876-896.Ford Reading.Ford, J. (2005). Examining leadership through critical feminist readings. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 19, 236-251.pPlease Use The Wilson (2016) text at the minimum when referencing the texts. It is the screen-shotted pdf document. Also, please use some direct quotes when possible.

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