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Pick one of the discussion cases listed below and answer the associated questions.Case 1: Sipple V. San Francisco ChronicleIn a split second, a man in a crowd deflects a gun aimed at President Gerald Ford. The Media celebrates the man as a hero. A reporter discovers that the man is homosexual, a fact of which his family is not aware. But everyone finds out when the reluctant hero’s sexuality becomes part of the national story.  See Sipple v. San Francisco Chronicle, Inc. (1975) (Links to an external site.). Questions:In light of the public’s “right to know” and the First Amendment (Free Speech) did the press do the right thing? Do you think that overall social utility is obtained by adopting a “free press” rule where sensitive personal information can be published should this rule allow newspapers to override individual privacy rights? Would your answer change if the story had been posted on-line? Whatever you decide is morally correct, would your answer change if you were the hero. If so, why? Give at least two reasons for your view. Finally, suppose you write about this case on your blog.  Your boss reads your blog and decides to fire you on the spot.  Should employers be permitted to fire employee because of employee first amendment activity (while not at work)?  Why/why not? +++++++++++++++++++++++ Case 2: Compelled SpeechSuppose you are a musician who composes jingles and songs for paying customers.  Your prior work includes a soundtrack for a small independent movie, several country songs sold to various artists, but most of your work is in writing jingles for commercials.  You are approached one day and asked to write a song/jingle for an ultra conservative political commercial that bashes “gay lifestyles.”  Your prospective client wants you to use the lyric “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” etc.  Being tolerant and left of center, you politely refuse this work noting that the proposed message does not fit with your worldview.  You also note that there are other jingle writers in the area that would happily take on this project. The prospective clients are outraged and demand that you use your creative talents to do the work requested.  They note that you are public business offering service to the public and cannot, legally or morally, reject taking on this project because of your bias against conservative world-views.Questions:1. Should you legally or morally be required to complete this work?  Compare this case to Master Cake Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission (Links to an external site.). 2. In light of this case, what do you think of the following view.  “We each get to be biased, irrational, and stupid . . . there are no  . . . and there should not be . . . laws that generally prohibit being biased etc.  Who you invite to dinner or who you marry may be biased, irrational, and stupid . . . these decisions may be even racist.  The appropriate response to such bias and irrationality is shame, picketing/demonstrations, or ostracism . . . not incarceration or fines.”3. Briefly discuss how you think J. S. Mill would say about the jingle case. ++++++++++++++++++ Case 3: Compelled Speech 2You are a manager at a technology firm with 15 years experience.  Given your time and experience, your job security is high . . . no one would think of firing you.  Part of your job is to serve on various committees so that the mission of your unit (product development and market research) can occur in a timely and efficient manner.  Some of this service is elected . . . that is, to serve on a specific committee requires a vote of the your bosses.  The “oversight committee” in your unit is asking you to serve as the chair, which would be a great honor, if you were actually elected.  Nevertheless, you are uneasy with being nominated and serving as chair because the unit has adopted language . . . an opening paragraph to be recited by the chair . . . at the start of each meeting.  This paragraph has nothing to do with governance or oversight.  Rather, it is a religious and political statement.By your lights there are two issues with being required to start each committee meeting with this recitation.  First, is the issue of compelled speech.  The language, arguably, has nothing to do with governance.  While you may actually agree with the points being made, being required to read this paragraph seems questionable.  Second, you find the claims made in this “compelled speech” to be questionable . . . and some push a false narrative. Questions:1. What should you do?  You could decline standing for election.  You could stand for election and just read the paragraph. You could get elected and then refuse to read the paragraph.  Other options?2.  Would your views on what to do change if your job security was not so strong?  What if refusing to stand for election could get you fired?  What if the language included positive claims about men’s rights or how women are irrational?3. Briefly discus how one of our authors would view this case.  What is the morally correction course of action according to Mill, or Kant, or Locke, or . . . (pick one author)? For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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