Question: What was the benefit to Aetna from increasing their CGQ rating? If you

Please use the medical products as the company, previous assignments are of the same theme.Obviously only need speaker notes. also include some pictures with references.MT302M2 See Personality Theoryin a WorkplaceChoosing the Right LeaderScenario (fictional): The Taleo familyhas been in the medical products or cosmetic productscompany (your choice) for over 50 years. They have always had a familymember as president of (your company name of choice). As the currentpresident steps down, the founders’ remaining family members are not inclinedor are unable to take over the business and have called you in as theirconsultant to perform the executive search. They know this will be a challengebased on several changes that may need to occur soon to continue their businesssuccessfully.The industry is beginning to change. The competition is switchingto using blockchain ledger technology that shares datawithin a network in sequential order with a timestamp — like a database, butencrypted. The competition has also been increasingly automating theirproduction line. With the increasing competition, the company you areconsulting for realizes that the business may not survive without changing tothese technologies. This change will mean laying off some personnel, and thiswill be the first time in its history that this company has had to contend withsignificant layoffs; in the past, layoffs were not necessary since growthoutpaced the need to lay off workers. With no family member currently availableto lead the company, the company must do an intensive search for an individualsuited to their industry with the right expertise, education, and personalityto lead the company into a new era.The company culture remains the same, with an industryreputation for reliability. Most employees pass their jobs on to someone elseresiding in the local community by referring them for the job, so all employeesfeel like one extended family. They expect little change now. Although theirmarket has been predominantly in the United States (U.S.), with little or nodiversity in the workforce, they are increasingly getting inquiries from Asiancountries since competitors’ prices have increased substantially. Currently,there are 300 employees in this small Southeastern U.S. city, though thesalaries and benefits have always been on par with the industry salarieselsewhere in the country. Their belief in the customer first, taking the timeto get things done in a precise manner, and honesty have been hallmarks of thisfamily business.In light of this company’s likely future demands and needs,and as this company’s consultant hired to do the executive search, you willaddress checklist items in a presentation.Checklist:Identifythe industry and the name of the company (your choice) based onyour choice of either a medical products orcosmeticproducts company, and identify the products the company provides.changes that might be necessary about thetype of personality the new president will need.Explainthe traits and personality factors that should be considered whenselecting the next president using the reading from Chapter 5. Include theBig Five personality traits, Holland’s typology, and at least one otherpersonality theory in your response (you may use the Internet, but providethe source URL).Explainhow the personality you described previously of the new president wouldbenefit the employees and the success of the company going forward.Submityour 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentationwith no more than five bulleted items per slide, in 24-point font, witheither:(1) an audio presentation and speaker notes below each slide or(2) a presentation without audio butwith speaker notes below each slide.Explanations of the bulleted points should be placed beloweach slide in the notes section. If you submit an audio presentation withnotes, the bulleted points should be explained in the audio and notes and beaudible, intelligible, and professional.Your presentation should have additional titleand reference slides. Be sure to check your presentation for correct spellingand grammar, and then submit it to the competency assessment Dropbox. The titleof your presentation will be: Finding a New Leader for (your

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