Identify and describe at least two current efforts to accomplish the safe and efficient integration of civil UAS into the US National Airspace System

mechanical engineering exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Let the structure of the figure below. Consider frictionless pins at A, B and C. Required:a) The free body diagram of the structure;b) The free body diagram of the separate parts;c) The support reactions at A and C and the resultant force acting on member BC;d) Check the calculations of efforts and support reactions using Ftool or other software/app of your choice.Present the graphical and numerical results of the adopted software.e) Is bar BC in tension or compression? Calculate the required diameter of the solid bar BC by theresistance to normal stresses (consider the midpoint section of the bar);f) Calculate the normal strain and elongation of bar BC. The bar must increase or decrease bylength? What is the expected variation for the diameter of the bar in mm (indicate whether it increases or decreases thediameter)?

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