Identify 2 methods of socialization and the outcomes of each method of socializa

management question and need guidance to help me learn.Week 6ReadChapter 11: Working with Labor Unions, in Human resource management. Retrieved from Chapters 9, 10, and 14 in Cases in Human Resource ManagementRights and Employee ManagementEmployee and Labor RelationsWorkplace Safety, Health, and SecurityDavid Kimball. (2016). Cases in Human Resource Management. SAGE Publications, Inc.Supplemental Resources:Chapter 12: Safety and Health at Work in Human resource management. Retrieved from 13: Successful Employee Communication in Human resource management. Retrieved from of Labor Statistics (2021). Union Members Summary Retrieved from: (2018). Most Americans view labor unions favorably, but few belong to one | Pew Research CenterView this YouTube on the History of Unions: History of UnionsWorkplace Violence (n.d). Retrieved from Workplace Violence – Overview | Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( (2019). With Workplace Violence on the Rise, 1 out of 7 People Don’t Feel Safe at Work ( (2020). Today’s Young Worker is Stressed Out and AnxiousFolz (2018). What to say when Investigating Sexual Harassment ClaimsWilkie (2020). Just Because Your Workers Feel Loyal Doesn’t Mean They’ll StayOverviewConcepts covered this week include:workplace health, safety, and securityemployee relations – the relationship between employers and employeesthe role of unions/organized labor on HR policies and practicesunion trendscommunication and conflict resolution————————————————————————————————————————————————————–What is required:Part A: Safety and Security in the Workplace (Minimum 1 paragraph)Discuss some of the common safety and security concerns in today’s workplace. What are some important laws that may help organizations reduce risk? What are some strategies HR managers can develop to mitigate some of these issues? Use the resources provided to support your ideas.What is required: Respond to a classmate Natalie and the Professors question asked about my post. (Classmate’s post and the Professors is in the attachments, minimum 1 paragraph per each response)Part B: Employee and Labor Relations (Minimum 1 paragraphs)Outline what legal and statutory protections are in place today to prevent worker abuse. What additional protections are needed? What industries or jobs do you think could become the next fertile area for union organizing attempts?What is required: Respond to a classmate Pam on this question. (Classmate’s post is in the attachments, minimum 1 paragraph per each response)

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