In Chapter 2 of your textbook, under the heading, THE ELEMENTS OF A CRIME, it is

website development writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Your assignment is designed to reinforce the following learning objectives:EO 2.1: Explain the MEAN programming environment and languages used to create rich applications for the web browser.EO 3.1: Build responsive client-side interfaces using various modern programming languages.Throughout this section, you will learn about web application development within MEAN programming environments and using Angular to build responsive client-side interfaces. This is important to an organization because applications are increasingly required to be dynamic, responsive and interactive.It is important to learn where Angular 2+ came from, and the difference between AngularJS and Angular2 and up, so you won’t be confused when looking up resources (current development utilizes Angular2 and up, not Angular.JS).InstructionsPlease view the articles on Angular development. Once you have reviewed the articles, follow the directions below. Responses should be from the perspective of a software developer.This is Angular.JS – the old version of Angular — Angular.JS:The new version of Angular:( to Angular 2 ()Answer the following:Draft a response to the Angular application development questions below. Remember to use your textbook and other academic resources to justify your responses.Compare and contrast HTML and Angular. Ensure your response references the roles of Angular routing and components.How is Angular 2 different from Angular 1? Ensure your response references the improvements in Angular 2.

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