Presidents can use both their formal and informal powers to promote legislation

Please only used to provide a source.Ludden, D. (2020). A History of Modern Psychology: The Quest for a Science of the Mind. SAGE. ISBN-13: 978-1544323619. Write a Reaction Paper that demonstrates you have thought critically about the issues in the reading. The reaction paper should be in the 500-1000 word range consisting of the following structure: a brief introduction, three detailed content paragraphs, and a brief conclusion.Select any three of the four learning objectives and devote one content paragraph to address each of them:Assess the contributions of British psychologists and the New Look movement to the development of cognitive psychology.Appraise the importance of the computer metaphor in sustaining the Cognitive Revolution.Compare and contrast the ecological and social approaches to cognition with the information-processing approach.Illustrate how judgment and decision making theorists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky extended the early work of Herbert Simon.Keep in mind that the goal of a reaction paper is not merely to summarize the chapter but also to critically evaluate key issues. Take a position and defend it with arguments and evidence.

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