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Marketing Professional InterviewAppendix 4 of the course text discusses Careers In Marketing and identifies that 1/3 of Americans are employed in marketing-related positions. The outlook for this industry is strong! Definitely, browse through this section to help set yourself up for success no matter if you plan now for a career in marketing as the topic is a fundamental skill impacting all facets of business.Assignment: Each student will complete a learning interview with a professional working in the marketing industry (as an employee, entrepreneur or freelance). A 2-page written summary (single space; double space between paragraphs) will be submitted to the ASSIGNMENT link for grade in Canvas reflecting upon your conversation and showing in your own words what you learned (Do NOT submit a diary of the conversation as this only puts the Instructor present in the room during the Interview. This is to be a reflection paper addressing what you learned (not heard). Therefore, diaries showing the questions asked and just the actual answers given will not be accepted for grade. Rather, from the conversation; what did you learn?) Please identify your interview candidate by name, title, employer/business name. Send a hand-written Thank You to the individual that you met with for this assignment within 2 business days of the actual meeting. Interviews with family members, present or past employers are not allowed unless approved ahead of time by Instructor. (the goal is to meet with marketing professionals not already in your circle of contacts).Sample Marketing Professionals might work as: Marketing Consultant, Marketing Agency Owner/Employee, Marketing Manager, Marketing Researcher, Data Analyst, Brand Manager, Retail Manager, New Product Development Specialist, Direct Marketer, Sales Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketer, Content Writer, Public Relations, etc…Sample Interview Questions:What do you do within the Marketing Industry?What education or prior experience led to your current employment?How did you get started in the Marketing Industry?Explain how your employer/business strategically plans for its marketing initiatives?Explain how your employer/business uses market research to guide decision making?How does your employer attract and retain its customers?What CRM is used to manage customer relationships?What marketing tactics are used to reach the target market?How does your company assess product development or modification needs? Have you developed a new product and/or implemented a new product/plan?Explain your employers/business marketing planning process.How do you measure marketing success?How is technology changing the marketing landscape in your arena?What types of technology is your employer/business utilizing to market and why/how?Explain how the global environment has impacted marketing decision making?Does your company actively use diversity in its marketing messaging and if so, how?How does your company manage its messaging and content?What is the biggest challenge you are experiencing in your position today?How is/will marketing continue to change in the future?What are your personal strengths that you add to the position?How do you uniquely differentiate yourself (or your products) from your competitors?What items do you outsource and why? What would you consider an ethical issue in marketing and how are you addressing it?Explain your sales process.What advise would you give a future marketer?

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