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Please answer each questions separately and to please to number them thank you. 1 . Information Gathering What kinds of information do decision-makers would need in order to plan, implement, monitor, and improve programs? 2Redesigning Information Systems Think about the information system your current/past employer used in everyday operations. How would you redesign that information system to make it more efficient? Provide a summary of your actions/decisions for each step of the design process. 3 Reporting Emergency Your director called an emergency meeting because the main funder of their project is planning an on-site evaluation visit. The timeline is short and your team realizes that, despite their firm belief that their program is going very well, they might have difficulty in proving it. You find that the information you are required to provide does not match the kind of data you have been collecting. Your team is learning the hard way what all human service managers and service providers should know: If an event is not recorded it is as though it had not happened. Address the following questions in your response: How might the agency have avoided the situation? How might the funding source have helped to avoid the current situation? What data should your team have been collecting? How should you deal with the immediate situation?

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