read attached and answer the questions below. Each chapter answer should be 200

Please write an approximately 500-word response. I have provided several prompts below to get you thinking about directions to go with your responses, though you are not required to answer all of them. You are also welcome to come up with your own prompts, so long as they remain relevant to the readings and the topic of the week. Feel free to also include questions, critiques, or interesting observations you had about the readings!What have been some of the challenges in studying the Preclassic Maya? What have been the implications of these challenges and how have discoveries like at San Bartolo changed perceptions of this period?What seems to be the connection between Maya gods and kings in the Preclassic?What evidence is there for who was intended to be the audience of the San Bartolo murals?What are some of the challenges for archaeologists studying religion? What distinguishes religious practices from secular ones?What does the study of a culture’s religious practices and mythology tell us about that culture?

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