Psych 635 week 5 transfer in learning-learning team assignment

Please respond to these two discussion post posted by fellow classmates. I have included readings to help with the response. Thank you.Readings:Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change: This reading is in the file.Can we measure memes? (This is the link to the article): words for first response200 words for second responseFirst Post: In the article “Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change”, the author holds a very interesting perspective on technological change. His second idea of “there are always winners and losers in technological change” is what I found most intriguing but also confusing. In a technological change, those winners often convince losers to be the winners, making those “losers” willing to be harmed by products of technological change. Using the example author gives in the article, in a computer revolution, winners are those who promotes computer for profit and those who advocates for “Age of Information”, which holds the idea that information leads to people being better at solving issues. But the real world is not like what they advocate: not every issue in the society can be addressed because we have sufficient information. Most consumers are blinded by the advantages of technology, but the fact is that they only need to step a bit further to see that those technology is harming them, making them hard to find out the true issues in the world. “Losers” in the situation are consumers who are willing to be blinded, but in my opinion, they are definitely aware of technology is harming them and making them the “loser” in the situation, yet most of them are still willing to be blinded and continue contributing to the ultimate winners who are receiving profits. Therefore, my question is why most people are still willing to be the “losers” and be blinded by “winners” despite realizing they might be harmed in this technology change? Where do we draw the line between who is truly benefiting from this technology change between “winners” and “losers”?Second Post: Mcnamara’s Thursday reading, “Can we measure memes?” states that meme was first coined by Dawkins to “describe cultural replicators.” According to Blackmore, a meme “is not an innate behavior, conditioned response, emotion, or subjective experience. A meme is a behavior or set of behavior (memeplex) that is learned by observation and imitation.” The reading further tells us that over a decade ago, mirror neurons (encoding the intention of others) were discovered. It proposed that these neurons are located in regions “highly involved in imitation.” These neurons were found in the same neural substrates that language has evolved. I see the similarity between memes and language; they are both learned later in life by observation and imitation. As a Chinese-Canadian, I’ve noticed different interpretations of memes between the two different cultures. The difference in interpretation is sometimes due to different vocabularies and translations. For example, many phrases in English make no sense when translated into Chinese because there is simply no definition for them in Chinese. So, in this scenario, does it mean by learning a new language, we would be able to understand memes of different cultures without further knowledge of the culture?

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