In this essay you will choose a modern urban problem and discuss the details of

writing question and need guidance to help me learn.first, Instruction: write a blog,(a) introduce yourself andtalk about your language learning experience(s) or your experiences with peoplewho speak other languages. If you have taken any language class(es), youshould elaborate on language learning details, for example: type of lessons,activities, role of the teacher, use of technology, etc. You can also talkabout your experiences with native speakers of other languages. Additionally, (b)you will talk about your teaching philosophy and how you believe second andforeign languages are best learned and how you as a teacher can help ELLsdevelop their English language skills.Possibleprompts1.What is your native language isand what other languages you know? How well do you know the language(s)?2. When did you start learning English (or otherlanguages)? How did you learn English (or other languages) at home and inschool? What helped you most in your learning? What difficulties and problemsdid you face and what efforts did you make to improve your language skills?3. What influence did other people (forexample, your parents, teachers, siblings or friends etc.) had on the developmentof your English (other language) skills?4. What is the best way to learn a second orforeign language? As a teacher, how will you help ELLs develop their Englishlanguage skills?5. (if applicable) What is the stage of yourstudent teaching? Who are ELLs in your class? What are their cultural and languagebackgrounds? What challenges and opportunities do you see to better help thesestudents’ English language learning?second, then write your reflection entry related the blog you wrote, it needs to be at least 250 words, related to thetopic(s), include strong supports connecting to scholars’ ideas and theories from the course, and include correspondingin-text citations (e.g., Wright, 2019, p. X).Also , the reflection develop two separate written entries.

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