Please read the scenario below, and then answer the questions that follow in a 3

Please answer all three parts by Friday (~400-500 words total)Use concrete examples from readings and web sources attached in this module in your posts Reply to at least two peers (~100-150 words each) Part 1: Introductions (~100-150 words)Since this is your first post, please introduce yourself! (name, major, interests, etc)Part 2: Analysis and Reflection (~150-200 words)How did the armchair anthropology and the off-the-veranda approaches differ as methods to study culture? What can be learned about a culture by experiencing it in person that cannot be learned from reading about it?To answer this, consider the fieldworkers your read about in the Perspectives chapter. Anthony Kwame Harrison, Bob Myers, and Lynn Kwiatkowski describe how they first became interested in anthropology and how they have used their training in anthropology to conduct research in different parts of the world. How do you think the participant-observation fieldwork they described leads to information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to learn?Part 3: ‘Ethics in the field’ Case Analysis (~150-200 words)Use the American Anthropological Association “Cases & Solutions” site, think about the ethical decisions that ethnographers in the field may have to make.Choose a case to read and reflect on: 0

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