Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in famil

Please follow the prompt pleasePROMPT:What books or subject matter (if any) should children be “protected” from? Should be books be labeled for age-appropriateness? What kind of books (if any) should not be in classroom, school, or home libraries? What kind of books (if any) should be kept out of these libraries? Who makes these decisions? Who should make these decisions? What it censorship in your own words? Is keeping a book from a child due to age appropriateness or family beliefs, censorship? Is there a place for censorship or does it always infringe on our rights? Give the reasoning behind your thinking with detailed examples and citations to support your opinions. Include a reference list with the course textbook, readings, videos, the children’s book you read, and any additional sources you used. Cite the textbook, videos, and other sources where needed. Review the Discussion Board Rubric for specific details about grading the discussion board assignments.You can. You this other source I will provide you with

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