Note: this is the only assignment that cannot be dropped. See syllabus. In this

Option A: Literature Review AssignmentOverview: A literature review is an evaluative account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. The purpose of a literature review is not to create an original argument and support your position with scholarly research, but instead to summarize and synthesize the available research in the field to assess the value of the research already done by others, identify prevalent trends and discover what research remains to be done in a particular subject area. Literature reviews direct the formation of new research questions and are routinely included in the opening sections of scholarly research reports. A successful literature review must be defined by a guiding concept such as your research objective, the problem or issue you wish to discuss. A literature review is not just a descriptive list of the material available, or a set of summaries (this is an annotated bibliography).In addition to leaving you a better informed researcher in a particular specialized subject area, writing a literature review helps you develop and demonstrate two valuable skills:Research: the ability to scan the literature efficiently to identify a set of useful articles and/or books and to obtain these materialsCritical Evaluation: the ability to apply principles of analysis to identify unbiased and valid studies.Instructions: In consultation with your instructor (if you’d like to set an appointment), select a topic area as the focus of the literature review. A topic related to your Capstone project would be ideal. Once you have a subject area, begin the literature review process by familiarizing yourself with the available research on this topic. Don’t try to read everything, but do consider both articles that are recent and research that forms the foundations of this knowledge base.Narrow your topic area appropriately to make the task of writing your literature review more manageable. For example, career pathways in the counselling field could be your general topic area. Do you want to focus the training and development of counsellors, or the personality attributes and skills sets of effective therapists? Given that both of these topics are overly broad you’ll want to further narrow the specific topic of your literature review with respect to the available research in the area. You may finally focus on best practices of developing counselling program graduate students during practicums. Be wary and wise. Given the proliferation of research on counselling and psychotherapy today, even this last topic area may be too broad.Once you have narrowed your topic sufficiently, you’ll want to locate a range of materials published by experts or scholars in the field in this particular area of study. Examining bibliographies to locate reoccurring names can lead you to the works of key researchers in the field. Scanning for titles of studies that are cited repeatedly can also lead you to influential texts in the area. At this point, you’ll want to gather more materials that you plan to include in your literature review to allow for the winnowing out of substandard or poorly related materials.When you are reading materials you’ve collected do so with an eye toward writing your literature review. All good literature reviews perform the following tasks:Provide a tightly organized investigation of a single thesis or research question by identifying key research on the topic areaSynthesize the results of previous research into a summary of (1) what is understood to be historically accurate or accepted practice, (2) what practices of policies are still under question of investigation, (3) what practices or policies have not been well addressed by existing research and (4) what areas of the topic still require investigationIdentify distinct areas of controversy among previous researchers/research resultsDevise questions that need further research(These areas could provide good headings to organize your notes and later your writing)Scope: All literature reviews will be expected to encompass at least one major controversy in the specific topic area and to explain this disagreement from at least two competing vantage points. Students will be expected to incorporate reviews of at least 10 closely related sources.Length: 8-10 pagesTechnical requirements: All papers need to exceed general writing standards for the graduate level and comply with APA citation style throughout

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