Negotiation Article and Topic Paper/Project (100 points) PURPOSE:There are many examples in the media of current negotiations. It is important to not only identify how YOU negotiate but how common negotiation is talked about in the world around us. TASK: 1. Research a REAL LIFE news article, academic article, book or visual media source (no movies or TV shows) that you find relates to the negotiation process AND you find interesting.2. Write a 2 – 3 page paper, record a 8-10 minute video, create a PowerPoint presentation OR whichever method of communication you feel best communicates the relationship between what we have studied about negotiation and the article, academic article, book or visual media source you have identified. CRITERIA:a. Summarize your chosen article (the facts) 25pts.b. Why you choose this article (what surprised you, what you found interesting or appalling, why this article stood out to you) 25ptsc. How does the article relate to negotiation and our class themes? (Relate it to our textbook or class lectures) 25ptsd. What do you think the entire class could learn from this article? (Pass on what you learned to your classmates) 25ptsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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