In this first journal activity, you may write about any topic(s) of your choice,

writing question and need guidance to help me learn.i need all answers in own words different then that which is attached below. below is an example you can change things and get an uideaDefine dramatic irony, suspense and mystery and give examples of each type of tension from the GREY’S ANATOMY episode “Who’s Zooming Who?” (250-500 words, 20 possible points).…Compare and contrast the original show bible and script for MONTAUK with the produced pilot episode of STRANGER THINGS. What elements from the bible and original pilot script remained? What has changed? Why do you believe these changes were made? In your opinion, which is more entertaining, the pitch or the produced pilot? Make sure to include specific references to the bible, pilot script and produced pilot episode. (250-500 words, 20 possible points).Discuss the use of Surprise in the LOST episode “The Constant.” What are the three different types of surprise? Providing specific examples of each type of surprise, discuss how and when these different types of surprise are used to heighten tension in the story. (250-500 words, 25 possible points).In your opinion, what is the overall message or theme of the Rick and Morty episode “Total Rickall?” In other words, what do you think this episode is about and why? (250-500 words, 25 possible points).Discuss the use of dramatic irony in THE PEOPLE Vs. OJ SIMPSON episode “From the Ashes of Tragedy.” What secrets about OJ does the audience know which the police and prosecutors do not know? (250-500 words, 25 possible points).

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