Questions: 2a. After reviewing the background materials, explore at least 3 key

Please watch the following VICE stories: “Dawn of A Dictator,” “Nicaragua Deja Vu,” “Lines in the Sand,” and the “Worlds Coolest Dictator”. What do these stories portend about the political development of Latin American Countries? Do the previous films set the stage for explaining the lack of institutional structure, corruption and the nature of the Rule of Law in Latin American countries? Does it relate to the legacy of the Caudillo? How do the stories relate to the readings in Vanden? You should focus on the assigned chapters (most relevant). What surprised you about these stories? What did you learn? Any other observations?**Pick one case study (country) and find a news story (current event) and incorporate it in your post. Has the situation in your country improved? Why or why not? Cite the current event in your post.Please follow guidelines and enjoy! ***Note for the Vice Video “Lines in the Sand” you only have to watch the first story.“Dawn of a Dictator”: (Links to an external site.).“Nicaragua Deja Vu”: (Links to an external site.).“Worlds Coolest Dictator: (Links to an external site.).“Lines in the Sand”: (Links to an external site.).

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