In this assignment, you will explore the roles integrity, authority, and discret

writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Project 2 – Expanded Definition of a Technical or Scientific Term – 15%Choose a technical or scientific term in your field of study and write a750-1000 word expanded definition of it with a cover memo. Yourexpanded definition must be supported by scholarly or vetted sourcesthat are properly quoted and cited. You will be required to have sixsources for this paper, at least three from peer-reviewed journals, therest from suitable general readership publications.How to structure this paper: 1st paragraph: Introduction 2nd paragraph: Etymology 3rd, 4th, etc. paragraphs: Examples of the term’s use in variouswritten contexts Along the way: compare and contrast uses of the term (“In contrastto the previous usage,”” “Similar to the definition mentionedabove,etc.) Last paragraph: Conclusion NOTE; I attached a sample copy of what the professor wants the paper to look like and also the checklist

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