min 3 pages , 6 primary sources from textbook (quotes), and the prompt is Contra

Now it is time to put everything together.All of our Reflection Posts leading up to this Final Paper were designed to let you begin developing the points you will be making here. You do not need to worry about “plagiarizing” yourself in this case—you should be using the ideas and well-written lines from your Reflection Posts to answer the following questions.Having reviewed the material from Modules 1-6, I am asking you to:Begin with an introductory paragraph that sets the stage by telling us how far humans have come energy-wise, how we should think about our energy-dense modern lifestyles, and how important you believe the quest for sustainability to be.(You will likely want to draw from your Reflection Post #1 and #4)For the next 3-4 pages, identify what have been the most important factors that have driven transitions from one energy source to another.(You will likely want to draw from your Reflection Post #1 and #2)A key factor in energy transitions has certainly been the public’s perception of competing energy sources. Spend a page or two evaluating how accurately the social perceptions of various energy sources have reflected the scientific reality.(You will likely want to draw from your Reflection Post #2 and #3)As you come to the end of your paper, spend a page or two considering the many proposals you have read for humanity’s next major energy transition. In your evaluation, what approach should we take? Be sure to include the benefits of your plan as well as an honest assessment of the risks and costs of your plan.(You could draw from any Reflection Post here.)Lastly, conclude with a paragraph stating what you believe will happen regarding humanity’s quest for energy sustainability.Remember: Your argument must be grounded in evidence from our modules in order to score well. Effective and high-scoring writing will clearly state the argument being made in a paragraph and then follow this up with multiple specific examples of supporting evidence drawn from the readings and documentaries.Grading CriteriaThis paper is worth 200 pointsBe sure to cite the material you use in footnotes.Papers should be roughly 8 pages long (double spaced).Formatting: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.No cover page needed.No outside sources.Professor’s Feedback from Rough Draft:See paper for specific feedback. 1. Draft begins with an introductory paragraph that places our current energy-rich lifestyles in historical perspective: 9/10 2. Paper is on the right track in identifying the various historical factors that have driven transitions from one energy source to another: 25/30 Use of specific, historical evidence: Fairly good. Remember, we want to identify the specific factors that have caused societies to change from one energy source to another. Footnotes: A good start, though we need to cite all of our information. A good rule of thumb is that each body paragraph should have a citation, even if it’s just placed at the end.Week 5 Reflection Post: Nuclear energy is the energy in an atom’s nucleus (core) and is made of neutrons and protons. There have been differences in scientific realities and social perceptions about nuclear energy production and its effects for a long time. Most social perceptions about nuclear energy production and its impact are myths and misconceptions. Atomic energy can be produced in two ways; fission- when atoms split into many parts or fusion- when the nuclei fuse.[i] There has been a negative public perception of the production and the use of nuclear energy.[ii] First, they questioned the nuclear power station’s safety due to the Chornobyl and the Three Mile Island accidents. Second is the misuse of nuclear weaponry. These are the main factors that have given the public a negative perception.Most members of the public get their information about the production and the effects of nuclear energy mainly from the media, which most tend to believe in this information. Therefore, nuclear energy’s safety is one of the most hotly debated subjects. Claims that there are still many individuals who are against nuclear power.[iii] Most of them contend that nuclear power still poses a hazard to the environment and humanity. So, instead of relying solely on nuclear energy, the government should explore other options. As a result, public perception of nuclear energy safety concerns is more influenced by sensationalism than by science.[iv] This indicates that there will always be unfavorable public opinions of the existence of nuclear energy unless the government proposes new nuclear energy policies that will be broadly supported.The World’s civilization depends more on energy. Therefore, nuclear has been used to boost the amount of energy that is required. Nuclear energy offers a large amount of electricity that is required throughout the World; the amount of electricity has been boosted by 50%.[v] Therefore, to have enough nuclear energy plants, we ought to find the raw materials available for producing environmentally friendly nuclear energy.[vi] Uranium is an example of a raw material that can be used in nuclear energy production and is widely available. Also, it is among the low-carbon emissions power stations. Therefore, nuclear energy is the answer to the energy question.In addition, for nuclear energy to have a sustainable energy regime, it ought to assure the public members. Although nuclear power is one of the regulated power industries in the World, it ought to guarantee the safety of the people because there has been a history of nuclear power plant accidents like the Chornobyl accidents and the Three Mile Island, which has lowered the public trust in nuclear energy. The safety of nuclear energy has been controversial and debated in the public domain on the safety of reactors.[vii] Because they want to be assured that these reactors are safe and all measures have been put in place to ensure they do not burst like before. [i] Galindo, A., 2019. What is Nuclear Energy? The Science of Nuclear Power. [online] Iaea.org. Available at: [Accessed 27 July 2022].[ii] Gattie, D. K., & Massey, J. N. (2020). Twenty-First-Century US Nuclear Power. Strategic Studies Quarterly, 14(3), 121-142. https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Portals/10/SSQ/documents/Volume-14_Issue-3/Gattie.pdf (Links to an external site.)[iii] Dean, S. O. (2013). Search for the ultimate energy source: a history of the US fusion energy program. New York: Springer.[iv] Leppert, R. (2022). Americans continue to express mixed views about nuclear power. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2022/03/23/americans-continue-to-express-mixed-views-about-nuclear-power/ (Links to an external site.)[v] Blowers, A. (2006). NUCLEAR OR NOT? IS NUCLEAR THE ANSWER TO THE ENERGY QUESTION—retrieved 29 July 2022, from https://www.jstor.org/stable/44397039 (Links to an external site.).[vi] Lanouette, W. (1985). Atomic Energy, 1945-1985. The Wilson Quarterly (1976-), 9(5), 90-131.[vii] Gattie, D. K., & Massey, J. N. (2020). Twenty-First-Century US Nuclear Power. Strategic Studies Quarterly, 14(3), 121-142. https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Portals/10/SSQ/documents/Volume-14_Issue-3/Gattie.pdf

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