Identify and discuss the differences between implied, express, and apparent authority in agency law.

nursing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Define these terms in your own words and provide examples.Conformitysocial normsgroupthinkobediencefundamental attribution errorsocial rolesbystander effectdiffusion of responsibilityfrustration-aggression hypothesisMilgram StudyPrison StudyprejudicediscriminationMotivationDrive ReductionIntrinsic and Extrinsic MotivationAnorexiaBulimiaHeterosexualTranssexualAffiliationAchievementPowerSchacter-Singer Theory of Emotionabnormal behaviormedical modelpsychoanalytic modelbehavioral modelanxiety disorderphobic disorderOCDgeneralized anxietysomatoform disorderhypochondriasisconversion disorderdissociative disorderfugue stateDIDmajor depressionbi-polar disorderobsessionscompulsionsdelusionshallucinationsantisocial personality disorderborderline personality disorder

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