In an essay format (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) provide your answe

sociology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Social research among people in sex workData Analysis: (approximately 3 pages):A. Describe the process by which you developed your codes (codes in research). Were you able to ensure the inter-rater reliability of your codes?b. Describe your findings for all the survey items you’ve worked on for the assignments in this class. Specifically, you should include findings from two demographic items and one out of Qs 15, 16, and 19. (three survey items total).Summarize the findings that you have counted for each of your three items. (i.e., your manifest content analysis items). You may present some of these simple descriiptive statistics in table form, but you should also describe all of them in narrative form.c. Beyond your findings that you have been able to count, discuss possible latent or “hidden” codes or interpretations you see in or around these data.d. Based solely on the data you have analyzed and described above, can you make any tentative empirical generalizations?III. Conclusion: (approximately 2 pages)A. What have you learned about the politics of collecting and using empirical data about people in the sex trade? Your answer should reflect on your readings and discussions over the past few weeks (e.g., a content analysis of the GAATW and CATW websites; Jordan article; and the Becker article). For this section, in-text citations are fine; no bibliography is required.b. Conclude with your own assessment of what counts as knowledge. What epistemology/ies do you think are best when researching politically contentious topics such as sex work?

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