Purpose The goal of this activity is for you to demonstrate your ability to

Please see attached previous assignments and instructionsFor Assignment 1, you will create a Game Plan paper. It will describe your innovative “big idea”,craft your vision for its implementation, assess the idea’s strengths and weaknesses, and identifymajor opportunities and threats in the market. Your paper will be at least 4 pages long. IIn Assignment 1, you will complete the following three sections of your Business Plan:§ Section II: Company Description§ Section III: New Product or Service idea§ Section IV: SWOT AnalysisFollow the instructions in ONE of the three Options below, depending if your new venture is to beadded to an existing business (Intrapreneur), launched as a start-up (Entrepreneur), or foundedas a nonprofit organization (NPO). Make sure you work with the template that matches yourchosen Option.Option B – ENTREPRENEURCOMPANY DESCRIPTIONBriefly describe the Start-up Company that you propose to create:o What is the name for your new business?o When will your start-up business launch?o What will its mission be (mission statement)?o How many staff will you need? Provide an Organizational Chart that shows theneeded positions. Use the Organizational Chart template in your Assignment 1Resources.o How fast do you plan to grow?o Where is your company based (physical location)? Where does it or where will it dobusiness (geographic area to sell product or service)?NEW PRODUCT OR SERVICE IDEADescribe your New Product or Service idea, by answering the prompts below:o What is new and unique about your product or service?o What customer needs or desires does it satisfy?o What is the value proposition – i.e., why would someone buy your product or service?SWOT ANALYSISExplain the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for your idea, using the promptsbelow:o Why is this the right time to implement this new business or venture?o What is distinctive, disruptive, and/or innovative about your product or service?o Include a SWOT Analysis. Use either the SWOT template or the SWOT Worksheetprovided in your Assignment 1 Resources.o Be sure to provide a detailed explanation of each of the four SWOT quadrantsFORMATTING§ Typed, double-spaced, using Ariel or Times New Roman font (size 11 or 12) with oneinch margins on all sides. Add page numbers. Check with your professor for anyadditional instructions.§ Label each chart and graph by adding a Chart Title or a Caption.§ Your Organizational chart and your SWOT Analysis may be included in the body ofyour document or placed at the end of your document in an Appendix.§ Include a Cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, theprofessor’s name, the course title, and the date.§ Include a References page to identify your sources. References must follow the formatfrom the JWMI Writing Standards Guide.

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