Instructions from the professor are: Addictive Behavior Paper: Write a three- to

Management and leadership | Management homework help Instructions for Discussion Activity1. Compare the readings and indicate the main thoughts/ideas of each article.Preview, Preparation and Reflection Activity: Current Connections to Chapter Content: After reading the second Unit 9 Reading: Framework for Leadership Judgment.Reflect on the article and answer the following questions: 2. Why are the three judgment domains essential for the well-being of an institution? Do you agree that Good Judgment is a Process?Reply to at least 2 classmates with high-quality responses.  What can you add based from the assigned content that improves the posting of your fellow classmate? Graded out of 15. Graded out of 15.  Five marks for your original posting and 5 marks for each of the two responses to your fellow classmates. your posts and interact with classmates in the Unit 5- Discussion forum (Go to the Communication tab in the course site, then Discussions) : 5 marks for what you write and 10 marks for connecting to your classmates. You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

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