Information system

Locate three scholarly websites on a topic of your choice. The topic must be a disease, illness, or medical condition that connects with the current chapter. One example of a disease that relates to chapter 21 is HIV.So, for each Connect IT! you will do the following:Search the Internet and select three ACADEMIC websites that pertain to either:Your select illness, disease, or medical condition ORA scientific study that relates to the subject matter of that chapter. You should carefully evaluate the site for its appropriateness to the subject concerning credibility and validity.Write anoriginal (cannot copy and paste the content from the website) essay andinclude, but not limited to, the disease process, symptoms, diagnoses, trends in health care, possible genetics, morbidity and mortality, and case studies.Your word count will be 500 words (excluding references and in-text citations). Conclude your thoughts by commenting critically on the relevance of all three websites that were used.Include your sources as an APA citation (I recommend using: www.easybib.comLinks to an external site. ) Students MUST provide an in-text citation to show which parts of the work are coming from which source. Lastly, you will submit thisassignment as an upload in any one of the following formats: ppt, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .ppt, and .doc. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the correct format. The assignment is attached to VeriCite which will compute your work’s originality score. Be mindful that if your score returns as a yellow or red-colored value, an automatic zero will be assigned for this work without exception. You may resubmit a second time with your corrected work before the due date and time listed on the Course Schedule. Important Points to Note:Websites such as,,,, and are NOT acceptable for this assignment.

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