Please respond to the following questions. Refer to the grading criteria in the

Please answer the following 4 questions. use 170 words + to answer each question. Please make to to put the question in bold above the answer. 1. Watch this video doctors malpractice insurance is very high and there are many times that they need to run costly tests to confirm what they already know just by looking at the patient. If they are wrong in their diagnosis or miss anything, they get sued. By having all these extra tests to confirm their diagnosis, they have a leg to stand on in court to defend myself. They don’t know who is going to sue them, so they have to do all these tests on everyone. This drives the total cost up (due to the quantity of procedures) and the cost per procedure is high to cover their costs associated with running their practice. They call it “defensive medicine” because they are doing all these extra things to defend themselves in court when they get sued. After viewing the Ted Talk write your thoughts about Healthcare, is it a right or luxury? Answer:2. Private Placement Bond v. Public Placement BondExplain and give an example. Compare private placement bond issues with public placement bond issues.Answer:3. Watch this video completion identify the relevant costs associated with a special order decision?Answer:4. What is a make-or-buy decision? Discuss and give examples.Answer:

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