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Non-Normative EventNon-normative influences are unpredictableand not tied to a certain developmental time in a persons development or toa historical period.They are the unique experiences of an individual, whetherbiological or environmental, that shape the development process.These could include milestones like earning a mastersdegree or getting a certain job offer or other events like going through a divorceor coping with the death of a child.  OtherExamples: Winning the lottery,becoming pregnant exceptionally early in life. Losing a parent at the age of 2or 4 years old.Essay Instructions(1)  Write about any non-normative life events you orsomeone close to you has experienced.(2)  What happened?(3)  How did you (or your friend) react?(4)  What visible effect has the event had on your behaviorsince it occurred?(5)  Why do you think it has affected your developmentin this way?(6)  Can you imagine what your personality and life mightbe like had you not had this particular experience?(7)  If you are considering someone else as the focus ofthis answer, ask if they would be willing to share these thoughts with you,promising them anonymity for their responses.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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