Overview To understand the leadership of an organization, it is necessary to und

OVERVIEWThis group project consists of three main parts. First, your group must research and analyze a nonprofit organization (NPO) agency in the assigned service topic (see below). Second, your group must create a website for a new agency that your group is starting based on the research you have done. And finally, you will be required to demonstrate the main features of your website to the class via Panopto (see below for details).This is a simple email from one member of the group that includes:· Your group number and service topic (see below)· The real-world agency you are going to research· Each of your group member’s names· The responsibilities for each group member· The status of group communicationsGroup TopicsGroup NumberService Topics1Youth programs2Developmental disabilities3Financial assistance4Domestic Violence5Senior citizen programs6Homeless SheltersRESEARCHChoose one nonprofit organization (NPO) agency in your service topic (listed above) to research. For example, if you are group 6, you have youth programs and you choose Girl Scouts of America. The purpose of your research is to learn about an NPO and what services it delivers to its clients.The agency that you research should serve clients in greater Chicagoland. Here are some questions to get you started. You may not be able to find out everything about the agency. On the other hand, you may find other information not mentioned below.*Remember that your research is the foundation for creating your group’s new NPO agency. Use this as a starting point.Agency InformationWhat does this agency do?HistoryOf the agencyOf the problem/issueWhom do they serve?CausesOptions for assistanceWhat services do they offer?Geographic service area overviewHow they measure successStories of successWhat alternatives do people have (other options for their clients Government, Churches, etc.)?Website MarketingWho are their clients?How does the site market itself?How could they market themselves?Website AnalysisWhat are their goals for the site?What are the different reasons a person would go to this site?What do these sites do to meet visitor needs?What type of structure does this site use (linear/hierarchical/mixed)?What are the site’s security/privacy policies?Are there any good (unique) uses of technology?Comment on design elements?Group Findings and RecommendationsWhat are things you like about the site?What are things you do not like about the site?What would happen if this agency did not have their website?What advice do you have for this site?

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